Tab GC Lite


Ideal Nutrient Supplement for Bright, Light & Healthy Skin

Regain Your Confidence

  • Lightens and Brightens the skin
  • Provides Lasting photo immuno-protection and repairs photo damaged skin
  • Multiple Anti-oxidants collectively reduce the oxidative stress of skin
  • Improves overall skin health
  • Improves general body metabolism and immunity
  • Useful supplement to improve other skin conditions
  • Convenient Once Daily Dose
Ingredient Strength Benefit
Glutathione 500mg Lightens and repairs photodamaged skin. Evens skin tone
Ascorbic Acid 500mg Brightens & rejuvenates the skin. Gives internal photo-immuno protection
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg Replenishes and retains GSH levels, subsequently retains improved skin tone
Grape Seed Extract 100mg Prevents photodamage, gives UV protection and provides anti-infective effect
Green Tea Extract 25mg Photoprotection and wound healing effect
Vitamin E 50mg Compliments antioxidative effect
All Anti-oxidants work collectively to maintain & improve serum and cellular Glutathione levels. This retains skin lightening and photo-immuno protective effect

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