Cutiyt G Lotion


CUTIYT G Lotion is enriched with Rumex that helps in skin conditioning and soothing. It is an ideal solution for a variety of skin conditions from discoloration to sun damage. It works to keep your skin bright and light by taking care of your skin tone. It contains citric acid that promotes skin peeling and regrowth of hair.

Citric acid stimulates new collagen and healthy skin cell regrowth, which results in a radiant complexion for your skin while improving its clarity, tone, and texture. CUTIYT G Lotion is also formulated to produce different kinds of skin pigmentation depending on your skin colour to evenly match it. It Prevents the damage due to Photodamage and skin aging and it helps to reduce the darker skin tone.

Therapeutic uses of CUTIYT G Lotion:

  • Melasma, hyperpigmentation and body tanning
  • Prevents the damage due to Photodamage and skin aging
  • Helps to reduce the darker skin tone
  • Reduces the skin tanning due to sun exposure

Side effects of CUTIYT G Lotion:

CUTIYT G Lotion generally won’t cause any side effects. If you experience any application site reactions such as skin reddening or skin burning and skin rash or any other allergic reactions, check with your healthcare professional.

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