Minimalist Sepicalm 3% + Oat Moisturizer


What it is: A lightweight moisturizer that hydrates, soothes, and softens skin, without oily, shiny or heavy residual feel. Perfect blend of hydrators, emollients and occlusives for all day moisturization. Suitable for Normal, Acne-Prone & Sensitive Skin.

Why it's awesome:

  • Formulated for Normal & Oily Skin in mind, this moisturizer is super light weight, absorbs quickly and does not gives a shiny finish
  • Boosted with Sepicalm which combines Amino Acids with Minerals to soothe irritations and calms redness caused by UVA / UVB and comforts skin
  • Polyglutamic acid for skin hydration. It's a new generation hydration molecule which can hold 4 times more water than Hyaluronic Acid and reduces transepidermal water loss as well at the same time
  • Also contains Oat extract, Colloidal Oat, Squalane, Vitamin B5 and Amino acid to further nourish & calm skin
  • High quality ingredients including Sepicalm sourced from Seppic, France and Squalane sourced from Sophim, France

How to Use:

  • Use after cleansing, toning and applying all serums. Take sufficient quantity of product and massage into face and neck. Layer with sunscreen in AM.
  • Use it in the morning (AM) and evening (PM).
  • While it's a light moisturizer with no known side effects, we still recommend patch test before using the product.

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