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Every product in my store is something I use and recommend in my videos! Thousands of people follow me on Instagram to follow my yoga/hair care routines!

My Hair Mask Picks

These are my fav products. I have tremendous experience with them. Every product in here will help your needs.

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Hair masks
Hair masks


30min Consultation

Book 30 Min with me for a consultation on:
Diet and Lifestyle based on Yoga and Ayurveda.

Price: Rs. 300
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Book a hair consult!

Book a personal zoom session with me for Rs. 200/- where we discuss all your hair care needs! And figure out what works best for you! Also, get the same Rs. 200 CASHBACK to shop in my store! (So meeting me is free!)

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My name is Kriti B and I am a Yoga and Curly hair blogger and musician. I help lots of people across Instagram with their hair concerns. I also post lot of holistic lifestlyle content, DIYs, hacks and home remedies for different hair concerns. I also have my own store, and you can order directly from me, or speak to my hair experts! All products I use are vegan and cruelty free.

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