Glutone Serum


Glutone Serum is a dermatologically tested skin brightening serum that targets hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It works by reducing the melanin production and also degrades already produced melanin by inducing ‘melanophagy’ in skin cells. Using a drone technology it precisely and selectively delivers 3 peptide ‘Blazing Beauty Complex’ to melanin producing cells for faster results. Glutone Serum effectively brightens skin and reduces dark spots.


  • Visible results in 2 weeks: Glutone Face Serum is clinically proven to deliver visible improvement in skin glow and luminosity as well as skin texture only in 2 weeks of use. It erases performed melanin and stress-induced pigmentation to reveal brighter, softer, spotless skin in weeks!
  • The Blazing Beauty Complex: Glutone Face Serum has a 3 peptide 'Blazing Beauty Complex' and liposomal glutathione which effectively blocks melanin production. Whereas melazero induces melanophagy (melanin removal) to erase the preformed and predeposited melanin molecules. Its enzymatic peeling leads to soft dead skin removal without any irritation further aiding to active penetration.
  • Say no to inflammation': Enriched with white water lily extract and niacinamide, it fights skin damage caused by inflammation which is one major cause of melanin production. Exposure to UV rays, smoke and pollution also stimulate inflammation. Glutone Serum helps skin to tackle them in a better way.
  • Deep penetration, precise delivery: The Cosmetic Drone Technology delivers skin brightening ingredients deep within your skin and delivers them to where it is actually required. The Cosmetic Drone Technology has been tested through 16 in-vitro and 1 clinical study to establish its safety and efficacy.


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