Spot Patch Slim 36 Patches


Hydrocolloid acne patch protects your pimples form dirt, prevents picking, keeps it clean and absorbs pus and fluids for faster healing even overnight

  • Our acne pimple patches are the perfect thickness and this allows it to protect your blemish more effectively and absorb pus and fluids for up to 24 hours
  • Hydrocolloid, the main ingredient of these master patches, is a natural acne spot treatment, suitable for all skin types and ages and hypoallergenic
  • 36 sterile pimple patches on one strip - 10 mm x 18pcs - 2 Strips in Sterilized Pouch
  • Acne pimple patch is almost invisible, can be easily hidden with light make up if necessary and does not leave any traces on your skin when it is removed

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36 patches


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