Niamax D Gel, 20gm


Niamax D Gel is used for acne prone skin. It helps to prevent the occurrence of acne spots and soothes the skin.


Benefits Of Niamax D gel :

  • Lowers sebum secretion
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Safe and effective in mild to moderate acne with improvement in pustules
  • Slows down rate of new acne eruptions


  • Helps to reduce the occurrence of acne and the inflammation caused due to acne

Direction For Use:

  • Apply Niamax D Gel twice daily on acne skin areas or all over face with gentle massage

5% PHA not just exfoliates but also doubles up as humectant and moisturiser. Because of its larger molecule size compared to Glycolic acid (molecular weight 178 vs. 76 for Glycolic acid), it penetrates the skin slowly, hence offering lesser irritation. Further, PHAs are proven to provide up to 50% protection against UV radiation, hence they provide conditioning effects to skin without increasing sensitivity to UV light.

Lastly, 2% BHA (Salicylic acid) unclog pores by breaking bonds formed by dead cells and flushing out skin debris & oils, giving you the much-desired matt look.

To further reduce generally associated irritation with exfoliation, it is made with pure aloe vera juice instead of water and Turmeric Extract that is clinically proven anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Note: It is not recommended for people with hypersensitive or compromised skin as it contains a very high concentration of direct acids.


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