Livon Hair Serum for Women & Men


Straight Hair in a Snap: Crafted for hair styling, the Livon Straightening Serum enables you to straighten your hair at home instantly.


  • 5X Less Breakage: This hair serum, infused with heat activated protein, coats every strand to protect it from dryness and damage resulting in minimal breakage
  • All Day Perfection: Hair that’s frizz-free and super smooth for upto 12 hours straight
  • Straighter Hair. Faster. : This hair straightening serum gives straighter hair with every use, thus cutting down on styling time
  • Science at Work: Helps realign your hair protein structure every time you use it, giving you straighter hair with every application
  • Everyday Use: No need to shampoo before using this hair serum. Just spray away on normal hair, let your hair dry before using a straightener and get any hairstyle that that you want


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