Actium Plus ACTI-R Eye Contour Cream


ACTI-R EYE CONTOUR CREAM?contains right balance of ingredients that helps in rejuvenation of eye contour by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, under bags and dark circles.


ACTI-R eye contour cream gives Spotless and Ageless eyes. It also provides UV protection & hydrates the skin under eye. It improves the blood circulation around the eye area. ACTI-R eye contour cream uses NANO ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY so that the active ingredients reaches to the targeted sites. It decreases the effect of discolouration owing to UV damage or sleep deprivation.

??Reduces fine lines
??Improves microcirculation
??Hydrates the skin
??Uv protection
??Decreases Puffiness
??Reduces darkening around the eye

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10 g


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