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Every product in my store is something I use and recommend in my videos! Follow me on Instagram for updates!


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These are my fav products. I have tremendous experience with them. Every product in here will help your needs.

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About Me

Hey you!


I am Dr. Vibhuti Dhaundiyal
I have done my MBBS & PGDCC from India
and DAM and certification for advanced aesthetic treatments from America Board of Aesthetic Medicine

I'm an Aesthetic Physician and certified Skin Expert. I feel it's important that people should be aware of what they practice in day to day life, in order to work towards a healthy lifestyle and better knowledge of Skincare.

Hence, welcome to my Skin & Hair Store where I have accumulated all my trusted products. If you have any query related to any product or your skin/hair. Please feel free to reach out to me or my team!☺️

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