Fixderma Shadow SPF 50+Cream


Shadow SPF 50+ Cream is a light-weight cream-based sunscreen which provides an excellent UV rays coverage for a longer duration of time. This photostable sunscreen is ideal for all weathers and suits all skin types including the sensitive skin.


Sunscreens with a higher SPF content are generally greasy and messy. They make the face shine like a mirror. They can sometimes block the pores causing acne.

Shadow SPF 50+ Cream is a well-designed formulation to give the highest degree of sun protection with a perfect skin feel. It combines the power of both physical blockers and chemical absorbers to give a long-lasting effect. The premium moisturizers help to nourish the skin to keep it soft and supple. You need not apply any moisturizer additionally.

Directions to Use:

Apply Shadow SPF 50+ Cream liberally & evenly on the face, neck and exposed area of skin 20 to 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Further reapplication is only necessary after activities such as swimming or after excessive sweating.

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