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Hair masks

About Me

Hey !

Director, Senior Dentist & Facial Aesthetics Expert @ Avana Healthcare

* Specialist in Botox, Fillers & other Esthetic Facial Treatments
* Smile makeover Specialist
* Best Dentist award by Brand Achievers in 2016

I am the Senior Dentist & Facial Aesthetics Expert at Avana . I have achieved 1st position in BDS / Dentistry, and went on to achieve the Best Dentist Award by Brand Achievers in 2016 and Nav Kiran Award for the youngest achiever in India. I have done ground breaking work in the field of dentistry and cosmetology bringing laurels to India on a global platform which also earned me the name ‘Aesthetic Pandit’ or ‘Facial Architect’.

I have been into Professional training for doctors in the field of Oro-Facial Aesthetics since many years and has been successfully training them to work with full confidence and open their set-ups independently.

I also conceived the idea of Global Dental Tourism after being exposed to cutting-edge and advanced dental technology and is catering to patients from all over the globe .

 I am also working towards Oral Cancer- Free mission in India and is associated with many other organisations to provide the best dental services to as many possible. I am renowned for my charitable work especially for war suffering patients from countries like Yemen. I am a consultant to young aspiring dentists in India & abroad and trains for Aesthetics to medical professionals.
This is a message to all my patients - “To love themselves and look the best version of their own !!

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