Kojic Skin Cream


KOJIC is a skin lightening cream, targeted towards reducing dark/black spots present on the face post-acne (or pimples) to restore beauty.


  • Unlike other skin lightening creams, KOJIC is not photosensitive, so can be applied even during the daytime.
  • KOJIC comes with a unique spot applicator to enable the patients to effectively apply it directly over acne spots.
  • The ingredients in KOJIC have been known for their efficacy in skin lightening.
  • KOJIC is easily spreadable, non-comedogenic and is oil-free. It is also a non-irritant to the skin.
  • KOJIC is steroid-free and hence it is devoid of side-effects.


  • Azeloglicina
  • Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
  • Lactokine

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