FCL Bio Retinol Lotion


FCL Bio retinol body lotion is a topical “natural retinoids-based” formulation which is a scientifically designed to nourish the skin. It contains a plant-based alternative to retinol which is safe and effective.Additionally, it provides anti-ageing effect as it is infused with powerful actives which help bring new skin cells to the surface, while encouraging new collagen growth over time.

  • Effective anti-ageing
  • Possesses skin lightening
  • Maintain Oil balance
  • Provides Intense hydration
  • Stimulates the cellular proliferation and extracellular matrix production
  • Feature’s antioxidant activity & the regulation of cell senescence
  • Provides soothing effect
  • Controls skin oiliness

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Glycolic acid 10%, Milk Protein, Multifruit BSC, Grapefruit extract, Alpha arbutin, Ronacare Pristine Bright, Hydroquinone


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