FCL Aha Lightening Gel for Hyperpigmentation and Healthy Cell Renewal


FCL AHA lightening gel is a formulation which covers all aspects of the hyperpigmentation management. It contains a powerful yet safe exfoliating agent glycolic acid, tyrosinase inhibitor alpha arbutin and various skin nourishing agents to impart a perfectly glowing flawless skin.

  • INNOVATIVE SKIN LIGHTENING TREATMENT: An effective treatment for melasma
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE FORMULATION: Non-steroidal & Hydroquinone free formulation and safe formulation for a long term use
  • BENEFITS: Supports healthy cell renewal, Superior skin lightening enhancer for a perfect even skin tone
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Glycolic acid 10%, Milk Protein, Multifruit BSC, Grapefruit extract, Alpha arbutin, Ronacare Pristine Bright
  • HOW TO USE: Wash face with a cleanser and apply a sufficient quantity of gel on the affected areas, followed by FCL Chemfree Sunscreen SPF 30 in the daytime. Apply in the morning and evening after proper cleansing of the face

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