Kapiva Vegan Protein Chocolate, 850g


Kapiva Vegan Protein- Chocolate is a healthy mix of nutrients with 26g of protein, 4.97g BCAAs, 4.54g Glutamic Acid and 26 Vitamins & Minerals. This is a great option for enhancing protein in vegetarian diets which are often low in protein.

  • VEGAN PROTEIN FOR POST-WORKOUT WELLNESS: Kapiva Vegan Protein sourced from plants contributes to post-workout muscle recovery and also helps reduce muscle soreness. This protein powder contains Chicory roots which are naturally digestible. This ingredient contains inulin which is a prebiotic which boosts your gut health.
  • LEAN PROTEIN SOURCES: This vegan protein for muscle wellness is a unique blend of 2 high-quality sources of protein - Rice Protein and Pea Protein. This kind of protein provides essential nutrients to the body while looking after the toning and health of your muscles. 
  • HOLISTIC NUTRITION: The composition of this plant-based protein fuels your body with adequate protein. It contains 26.9g complete Plant Protein, ~5g BCAA, 4.54g Glutamic Acid, and 0g sugar. It prevents muscle wear and tear, facilitates muscle support, and boosts energy levels. Formulated for muscle support and recovery, this vegan protein is rich in 26 essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • 100% PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: This vegan nutrition powder is 100% plant-based and contains 18 Amino Acids. Plant-based proteins are overall effective for health and free from side effects, unlike whey protein which might cause bloating and digestion-related problems. 
  • SAFETY & QUALITY ASSURED: The plant-based protein for post-workout muscle recovery is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar. The lean protein is derived from natural sources and does not have any soy or whey protein. Take 1 scoop (35g) of our Vegan Protein Powder and add it to 300ml water. Mix/shake to blend well to get rid of lumps. Consume it as per your requirement to fulfill your daily protein intake.

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