Suva Beauty UV Brights


Bold is our middle name. UV Brights Hydra FX Palette includes SUVA Beauty’s signature fine liner brush and 5 vibrant UV glow cake liners: Smoosh, Thunder Wear, Nacho Problem, Avocuddle and Weirdough.

SUVA Beauty's Hydra Liners/FX formula delivers a punch of solid opaque colour. It's smudge proof and transfer resistant - your colour won't fade until it's removed!

How to Use:

  • You will need: Hydra Liner/FX, a brush and water only
  • Optional: before activating the product, scrape the product onto a makeup palette
  • Wet makeup brush with water
  • Use the wet brush and mix it into the Hydra Liner/FX product
  • Mix VERY WELL and apply once a creamy consistency is achieved (like melted ice-cream). Wet brush further and continue mixing if needed
  • Let the product fully air dry before storing away

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