PAC Lash Fixer Transparent (Eyelash Adhesive)


The PAC Lash Fixer is an eyelash adhesive or glue that dries down quickly and holds the lashes securely in place. This lash fixer is compatible with any eyelash style.


Features :

Latex free false eyelash glue/adhesive
Holds the lash securely in place for hours
Turns clear/transparent upon drying
Waterproof, long lasting and easy to use

Why it is different
The PAC Lash Fixer (Eyelash Adhesive) is made with a stronghold formula to firmly hold the lashes on your eyelids.
It is quick-drying. So you save time when you want to quickly top them on your lashes whenever you want.
Its sweat-proof and water-proof quality takes care of all your worries.
Your PAC eyelashes stay put in place for hours and you can be busy fluttering your lashes.

How to use
Clip back your hair and flyaways or wear a soft headband.
Uncap the eyelash glue and take just enough product on the brush
Take off your PAC eyelashes from the box. Hold it gently in between your thumb and fingertip.
Apply the glue across the false eyelash line.
Let the adhesive set for 30 seconds or until sticky; during this time, holding the lash by both ends of the base strip, flex it back and forth forming the shape of a horseshoe (this contours the base strip to fit your eyelid easily and comfortably).
Center the lash close to the base of your natural lashes and press ends into place.
Here’s a good tip. Don’t look directly into the mirror and shut your eyes. Keep a mirror on the table perpendicular to your face. Look down and fix your false lash on your eyelid. Now you won’t have to wink or worry. You can look right at your eyelid and comfortably wear your lashes.
Blink your eyelids gently, a couple of times. Check if the lash is in place. Check for glue leaks and set it with an earbud.

Additional information


1.2 gm


Black, Transparent


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